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Povardarie winery is company with long years of tradition in production of wine and spirits. It has started operations in 1963 with 25 employees and capacity of 2 million litres. In 1968 capacity was upgraded with extra 4 million litres. In 1972 were constructed concrete tanks with additional capacity of 2 million litres. The trend of increasing production continued in 1976 with addition of metal tanks with 5.300.000 litres of capacity and procurement of destemmer-crusher from France with capacity of 50.000 kg/h. In 1981 new stainless steel tanks with capacity of 5.250.000 litres were installed and the department for admission and processing of grapes was equipped with new machines. In 1982 were added stainless steel tanks with 4,5 million litres additional capacity. In 1983 was constructed special department for production of red wines with additional 1.300.000 litres capacity and was started the construction of the finalisation department. This finalization/bottling department has started operations in 1985. Today’s look of the distillery was finalized in 1987. In 1989 was fully equipped one department for controlled fermentation with capacity of 1.500.000 litres. Up until 1990 the Agricultural Combinat Povadarie had in its frames also the Royal winery of Demir Kapija. Then the Combinat was divided and Royal winery became independent legal entity. In 1996 were constructed 6 more fermenting tanks for red wine with capacity of 600.000 litres. In 2012 was set up the line for production of stopped must which is further used for production of grape honey and concentrate.

1983 was the year with the highest yield in grape production in Povardarie history when 38 millions of kilograms of grape was processed.

In 1995 with program MACEDONIA Povardarie winery entered the UK market with considerable quantities of bottled wine.

At the end of 2008 company was taken over by AD Vino Zupa Aleksandrovac, Republic of Serbia, which marked the new era of Povardarie winery’s existence.

Investments in the production process contribute for Povardarie to become the largest producer of wine, grape and apple concentrate in Republic of Macedonia.



Region where Povardarie is located is famous for the excellent quality of the grape and the wine which has been made here since ancient times. It was very favourable for grape and wine to which testify numerous archaeological sites evidencing the grape growing and wine making history. Tradition of wine production origins in the time of Alexander of Macedon and have been continued to present days. Settled on the crossroad of civilizations between the East and the West, this territory endured many influences directly reflecting on grape growing and wine making activities. Turkish influence during the Otoman empire continued the production of grape started in the Roman period.


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