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Climate and soil in the region are ideal for grape growing and development of the wine industry particularly in the Tikves area where influences of the Continental and Mediterranean climate are colliding. Several interesting facts related to the climate:

  • Mixed influence of Continental and Mediterranean climate with warm days and cooler nights, combined with terroir rich in carbonates and minerals and small percentage of rainfall, leads to concentration of acids and sugars providing lush color and intense wine aroma. Number of sunny days in the year is 260

  • Average annual temperature is 13,6 degrees °C.

  • Temperatures in summer rise above 40 degrees °C.

  • Tikves region is the driest area in the Balkan Peninsula.




Povardarie winery does not own vineyards and is buying the grapes from individual producers – farmers, long term partners.

Macedonia has around 24.000 ha of vineyards. Its territory is divided to 16 wine districts.

Most frequent soil type is alluvial eroded carbonate soil, and flooded alluvium.

Macedonia produces around 245.000 tons of grape equaling to 220 million liters of wine and consumes around 10 million liters annually or around 5% of the production.

Grape and wine production represents 17-20% of GDP and is second ranked export product after tobacco.




This area is perfect for growing Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vranec and Pinot Noir of the red, and Chardonnay, Zilavka, Smederevka, Traminec. Riesling, Sauvignon Blank and other white varieties.

Of the indigenous varieties Macedonia has Stanushina which is characterized with dark red color with shades of orange. This variety produces light refreshing wines with aromas of strawberry, good acidity and weak tannins.

Most widespread varieties of wine grape in Macedonia are Smederevka and Vranec.

Smederevka is indigenous Balkan variety which gives easy to drink, refreshing and harmonic wines with specific taste and smell of the variety and greenish-yellow color.


Vranec is most famous and widespread red variety in Macedonia and constitutes 80% of the red varieties. It is indigenous Montenegrin variety that produces wine with dark ruby red color, characteristic mixed aroma of prunes, blackberries and raspberries, full body, soft tannins and unique long finish.

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